The Incredible Development of your Babies Feet

At birth, baby feet are not only small and super cute, but also fragile and vulnerable.

First cartilage, then bone

Did you know that the feet consist mainly of cartilage and are therefore still soft and pliable? You can compare them with your ears. The outer ear is very pliable and can easily be folded with your fingers because it consists of cartilage. The cartilage in baby feet eventually transforms into bone, but these bone structures are formed in the first year off their lives.

You can imagine that the soft cartilage in the feet easily distorts if the feet are not properly cared for. Socks that are too small, shoes with stiff soles or poorly fitted shoes are very unhealthy because they impede the natural growth and formation of baby feet. This can cause permanent damage or cause complications that only occur later on in life.

The development of muscles and nerves in baby feet

The muscle and the nerves of baby feet are also not fully developed. During the first year, the muscles and ligaments strengthen, in order to ultimately be able to support the full body weight of your child. Baby feet are protected by a layer of baby fat. This creates an adorable round shape and a flat foot. At a later age the arch will take shape and the flat feet will disappear.

When do babies start to use their feet?           

After a year of strengthening and becoming more familiar with their feet, they start to become more curious. For that reason, babies usually start walking around this time. Babies are eager to play and play with their feet. They grab their own feet and often pull their socks off (much to the parents annoyance). As they do, the muscles develop and strengthen allowing the feet and legs to be prepared for carrying their full weight.

How do I protect my child’s feet?

In the first few months it is sufficient enough to protect the baby feet against the cold with either socks or slippers and when they get comfortable with them pre-walkers will be perfect. Make sure that the socks are not too small and too tight, as this can seriously impede the growth and development of the feet.

The first steps

When does your child start to walk? It’s only logical that you would want to know when this is going to happen, especially with your first child. The first steps will come naturally, read here for when it could happen.