Toddler Shoes for Boys & Girls

Baby shoes from Shoesme not only look great, but allow the natural and unhindered development of your babies feet. The baby shoe collection contains models and designs suitable for all tastes and developmental stages. From crawling to stumbling along the edge of the sofa to walking confidently; the Shoesme baby shoe collection has a perfect shoe for every child from 0-2 years of age. Sizes range from 18 to 26 across the whole baby shoe collection. From laces to Velcro; in every colour of the rainbow to very neutral colours, with badges and patches to super girly glitter. The baby shoe collection from Shoesme has it all.

Toddler Shoes for all Phases

Shoesme prioritises the healthy development of your childs feet over everything else. There is time where your baby isn’t ready for a ‘proper’ pair of shoes. Therefore, Shoesme has developed a gorgeous gift box containing the BABY-PROOF® Soft slippers. The gift box also contains a footprint box or a romper (your choice). The footprint box is filled with memory foam that allows you to easily capture a lasting impression of your baby’s adorable little feet. The slippers are perfect for babies who don’t crawl to babies that do crawl and are attempting to take their first shaky steps. And thanks to the suede anti-slip sole, your little one wont struggle to keep grip. The multiple colours means they are suitable for every outfit.

However if your child has progressed and has started to walk with confidence then BABY-PROOF® Smart first shoes are the next stage. Just like a caterpillar your baby has evolved into a beautiful butterfly, so to speak. Now ready to cause real mischief and go on big adventures your little one deserves only the best. That’s why Shoesme’s first walking shoes are 100% leather-lined and have an incredibly flexible rubber outsole that bend with the feet. But not only with the feet, however it bends in the correct place, the ball of the foot. Allowing the further development of your child’s feet to continue naturally. Shoesme has BABY-PROOF® Smart first shoes for boys and girls in different colours and styles.

All children will eventually master the art of walking, but for those who could use a little encouragement in the right direction, Shoesme’s Extreme Flex® is the concept for them. This concept is split into two distinctions. A more basic model and a model that has much greater depth in design. Shoesme Extreme Flex® first running shoes have an extremely flexible sole, which will encourage your toddler to walk properly. The mechanics of these shoes is a lot deeper than extreme flexibility. Cushioning, stability and grip are also key features of this shoe and are all thanks to the high quality materials, including a lot of rubber, that allows a Shoesme shoe to meet all of your child’s needs.

Shoesme Shoes Stockists and Stores

Shoesme shoes can be bought in a Shoesme stockist or in our online store. When in doubt about the correct shoe size you can look at our conversion chart or consult our size advice page. But if you’re still not sure, it would be best to take your child(ren) to one of our stockist to get professionally fitted.