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Baby Walking Shoes

The first walking shoes for your child are a very important step forward. It signifies a new degree of freedom for you and your baby, who knows what mischief they’ll get themselves into. But here at Shoesme it is our jobs to make sure they do it in style and comfort. It is also incredibly important to remember that their little feet are still very sensitive. So flexibility and support is key. It is also vital that they are not put into their first shoe too early. Any doubts? Check HERE. Shoesme has developed the BABY-PROOF® Smart collection for the first time walkers.

Shoesme’s first walking shoes have the same design depth as a normal adult shoe. But that same depth is solely directed and tailored to baby and children feet. Shoesme first shoes protect your babies feet against the wet and cold, whilst simultaneously allowing the foot to be supported properly and also being flexible at the ball of foot. Babies should find wearing Shoesme a freeing experience that only enables them further in life.

First Walking Shoes from Shoesme

Extreme Flex® Baby Flex is the perfect for shoe for babies who are crawling and who are trying to walk at the same time. Shoes can quickly be destroyed if a child is constantly getting up from the crawling position because of the friction that the front of the nose goes through. So Shoesme has developed a shoe for this exact situation. The Extreme Flex® Baby Flex has a unique outsole that has been innovated by Shoesme in-house. The rubber outsole has a rounded nose that helps aid children to stand from the crawling position. These shoes are naturally very flexible and light. Meaning the natural development of the feet can continue without being hindered. From sizes 19 to 23.

Shoesme has developed the BABY-PROOF® Smart first walking shoe for babies and toddlers. They’re a range of models and designs catering to different tastes, styles and needs. From laces to Velcro, high-top sneakers to a classic shoe and every colour of the rainbow. The broadness of designs in the BABY-PROOF® Smart is truly staggering. These shoes have flexible rubber outsoles (all developed in-house with Shoesme) that bend with the feet. A white profiling on the outsole ensures that the outsole bends in the right place. The heel is reinforced to gain extra support for the foot. The flexibility and support is coupled with foam padding at all of the pressure points of the shoe. Just to maximise comfort. From sizes 18 to 22.

The Extreme Flex® first running shoes, these are for toddlers and children who are confidently walking and exploring the world at full pace. The outsole of the Shoesme Extreme Flex® has been developed in-house, resulting in the most flexible outsole that Shoesme produces. This concept provides cushioning, stability and grip. Extreme Flex® has a greater range of designs and models than the Extreme Flex® Baby Flex. Just like the BABY-PROOF® Smart there is myriad of designs and models. From laces to Velcro, high-top sneakers to a classic shoe there is a shoe to fit every outfit. From sizes 19 to 26.