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Crawling Shoes from Shoesme

Shoesme’s pre-walkers are one step away from being real baby shoes. This baby shoe collection is a part of Shoesme’s BABY-PROOF® Soft concept group. This concept can range from high-top trainers to a classic shoe. Shoesme’s baby slippers are the forerunner of Shoesme BABY-PROOF® Smart, for babies that lie down, sit and crawl. BABY-PROOF® Soft baby shoes from Shoesme are worn in the stroller, in the playpen or during their first shaky steps. The pre-walkers are delivered in a gorgeous gift box and make lovely gifts!

The Shoesme BABY-PROOF® Soft includes all different types of models and styles. Meaning no matter the need or outfit there is a Shoesme shoe that will fit. The slippers consist of a unique combination of a soft leather shoe with a soft cotton sock that keeps the lower leg warm. The sock is beautifully knitted and feels wonderfully comfortable. The leather shoe is made on a last and has an elasticated gusset on the forefront of the shoe. These slippers are also incredibly practical, thanks to the anti-slip sole.

Pre-walkers for Babies Learning to Walk

Shoesme’s pre-walkers come in two variants, low & high. BABY-PROOF® Soft pre-walkers are perfect for completing their outfits without putting their feet through any unnecessary stress. Between the ages of 0-2 baby and toddler feet grow through monumental changes in a very short amount of time. It is best, in these early stages not to do anything that could affect these changes. So, BABY-PROOF® Soft pre-walkers form a smooth protective layer over the vulnerable feet of your - not yet walking - little one, which offers comfort and keeps the feet warm. The pre-walkers have incredible amount of depth in design. All with the aim of keeping the feet warm and comfortable without hindering any of the foots natural development and movement.

Where do I buy Shoesme Pre-Walkers?

Have you seen a pair of Shoesme Pre-Walkers or slippers that you just have to have? Well, either shop now on our online store or find your nearest Shoesme stockist now. When in doubt about size, it would be best to go to one of our Shoesme stockists so your child(ren) can be professionally fitted. Although, our Size Advice page may also clear any doubts that you may have.