The Best Shoes for Babies from 0 to 2 Years Old

Children from the ages of 0 to 2 years evolve from exploring the world on there hands and knees as a baby to causing mischief on two feet as a toddler. So, understandablly there footwear requirements change with them. Shoesme has developed the perfect shoe for every stage. Read more about the development of baby feet or discover the stage of your child below:

Lying down, Sitting & Crawling | Size 17-22

At this stage your little one is able to crawl, sit on their own and when they adventure into the big world they are in a stroller. Shoesme pre-walkers are ideal for this phase. A flexible layer of protection covers their fragile feet. Also, the material used results in maximum comfort and warmth for your child.

First Steps & Learning to Walk | Size 18 - 26

Your baby has become curious and has started to grab onto furniture in an attempt to walk. It starts with shaky, uneasy steps and a little encouragement and suddenly they’re walking! Your little one is now going to discover the world on foot. So, support and protection of their feet is extremely important. Shoesme has developed the footwear perfect for a such an essential period of their lives.

What shoe size is my child?

Baby feet can only develop properly in shoes that fit correctly. The right shoe size is therefore extremely important. Check our size guide and use the measuring system to determine the correct shoe size of your little one.

Choosing the right shoe for children 2-10 years

If your little one has outgrown the baby phase, you can choose from the whole Shoesme collection from sizes 20 through to 35.