Footwear for Boys

Shoesme boy shoes keep your little man looking fresh whilst simultaneously caring for his developing feet. You’ll only find the coolest and toughest boys shoes at Shoesme. From flexible baby sneakers for the younger boys to the boots for boys with a bit of a bad boy attitude. If your son likes to ‘do it himself’, then the Shoesme boys collection enables him to do this. The collection uses Velcro on classic shoes to high-top trainers. Meaning with the Shoesme boys collection there’s always a choice. All Shoesmes’ boys shoes are made from micro leather or leather, are leather-lined and have a removable insole.

Boy Shoes that let boy be boys

Everyone knows boys will be boys. Whether that’s climbing a tree that shouldn’t be climbed or just walking through the house in very muddy shoes on the day you are hosting guests. We don’t condone such mischievous behaviour but our boy shoes collection allows them to express themselves how they want to. For the smaller boys we have the BABY-PROOF® Smart Shoes. Perfect for taking those first steps in style and they allow the development of the feet to continue naturally. The first ‘running shoes’ from the Extreme Flex® collection are designed to encourage your little lad to walk properly and with more confidence. We also produce our own Shoesme school shoes. Shoesme’s children’s shoes collection is produced in sizes 18 (little ones learning to walk) through to 35 (for school kids).

For Boys Shoes shop online in the Shoesme store OR shop in a Shoesme Stockist

On the Shoesme UK website you will find the most popular models from Shoesme boy’s collection. Already found a shoe you like? Then buy them in our online store before stock runs out! Would you prefer to have your little ones feet measured? Then find your nearest Shoesme Stockist  now.