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Boys Ankle Boots

Boy boots from Shoesme are not only just sturdy and tough. They come in many different designs and models. All Shoesme boots are made from 100% leather and they are designed with the customer always in mind. That’s why we distinguish between different types of boys’ boots in the collection. They do not only just take a beating but depending on the outsole of the boot and the stage that your son is in, they can have completely different benefits. From leather boots with flexible outsoles for boys who are learning to walk to super tough boys’ boots with sturdy soles for boys who walk, run and play hard. Boys’ shoes by Shoesme are available in sizes 19 up to 35 in various styles and models.

Boys Boots

With the winter bringing icey roads and pavements it’s only smart to have a boot that can deal with them both. Normally this would mean having to sacrifices practicality over fashion. Well Shoesme’s winter boots for boys have profiling on the outsole of the shoe to increase the grip. The practical outsole is then coupled with a trendy and fashionable boot. There are several models in the collection. From sturdy short ankle boots to higher lace boots. We even have boots in the collection for the biker boys. They can choose from the Urban boot collection with a tough buckle, with a flexible outsole made of natural crêpe and warm lining. Or, a more classic boot, still sturdy and tough, with a more rough profiling under the sole. Shoesme’s winter boot collection keeps your little man in safe hands. 

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