The Perfect Shoe for Every Stage

Since Shoesme was founded in 1999, our goal has always been to make the best shoes for all different stages of children’s feet. The emphasis here is on the fit and support of the foot, using flexible soles that bend appropriately with their feet. Shoesme has innovated and developed the following concepts to achieve and realise those ideals:

BABY-PROOF® Soft - One step away from ‘real baby shoes’

BABY-PROOF® Soft – This is the baby crib shoe concept from Shoesme. Specially designed for babies and toddlers who lie, crawl or who are taking their first shaky steps. BABY-PROOF® Soft protects the feet and keeps them warm, without restricting the freedom of movement or the natural development of the feet.

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BABY-PROOF® Smart – For those first special steps


BABY-PROOF® Smart is the practice shoe to learn how to stand and walk confidently. BABY-PROOF® Smart has as many quality features as a ladies or men's shoe, but is 100% tuned to baby feet. Baby feet consist mainly of cartilage and are very soft and pliable. This results in the formation and growth of the feet to be easily influenced. BABY-PROOF® Smart protects and supports vulnerable baby feet against wet and cold weather, without impeding the freedom of movement or development. To help encourage those first precious steps.

Extreme Flex® BabyFlex – The first shoesExtreme Flex BabyFlex

In addition to the existing range of first step shoes and first running shoes, Shoesme introduced a new concept of ‘first shoes’. This model has a flexible rubber sole, perforated microfiber lining, an orthopaedic foot-bed and a refined ‘push nose. This offers the best protection and support to their feet. Due to the carefully developed features, this model is suitable for children `who are still learning to walk and may require some more confidence. Extreme Flex® BabyFlex – is available as a timeless classic in sizes 19 to 23, in four colours. Babies don’t take their first steps in specific seasons, therefore these BabyFlex shoes are available throughout the year.

Extreme Flex® - The most flexible shoe ever!

Extreme Flex

Extreme Flex® has been specially developed for children who are confidently walking and exploring the world on their own two feet. Shoesme Extreme Flex® shoes have an extremely flexible sole, this allows the feet to get used to walking properly with the correct form. This sole is the result of a study that Shoesme has performed to achieve the perfect outsole. The profile on the sole is constructed so that the shoe is firm at the heel and yet it still bends in all the right places. Thanks to the materials used, including a lot of rubber, the sole developed by Shoesme is not only flexible, but also provides cushioning, stability and grip. Extreme Flex® first shoes very similar to BabyFlex, however, Extreme Flex ® has a greater range of designs and materials. Extreme Flex® shoes are available with Velcro, lace or zips and sizes 19 through to 26.

RunFlex - the most flexible trainers of all time!RunFlex zool

RunFlex is a lightweight sneaker with a super flexible sole, based on the successful Extreme Flex® concept for toddlers. The white RunFlex sole is also developed by Shoesme in-house. Designed to provide cushioning and even more flexibility than what is currently available on the market. The profile on the sole is constructed so that the shoe bends where it is most needed, at the ball of the foot. This is indicated as the ‘Flex Zone’. RunFlex sneakers are lined completely with leather and equipped with a reinforced, foam heel and a removable insole. These sneakers not only look super sporty, but are also very healthy for natural foot growth. RunFlex is manufactured into the larger sizes and is available in sizes 19 to 30.

Urban - sturdy shoes for walking, running and playingUrban zool

Shoesme Urban is the follow-up concept of Extreme Flex® and RunFlex and has been specially developed for children who have completely mastered walking. With Urban shoes the feet have the same protection as the other concepts and their feet can still develop naturally during walking, running and exploring the world at top speed! Shoes from the Urban collection are sturdy, provide support and sleek in design. Thanks to in-house manufacturing method used, the Urban Shoesme footwear is truly unique. Available in sizes 20 to 32.
Even more baby and children's shoes

Shoesme has a lot more! In addition to the concepts above, Shoesme brings different fashionable groups for boys and girls every season. All geared to children's feet in growth and therefore also provided with flexible soles, removable insoles, supported heels and a comfortable sponge like lining. From Western boots to organic sandals with a cork foot-bed and from biker boots to crepe boots, Shoesme has the perfect shoe for every foot and every style!