BABY-PROOF® Smart Baby Walking Shoes

The first teeth, the first words, the first steps; A life of a baby is not short on milestones, each one more special than the last.


Shoesme aims to make one of these milestones, the first steps, as exciting, comfortable and as easy as possible. Shoesme developed BABY-PROOF® Smart for this. These first step shoes accompany a little one from crawling to walking. Just like a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, your little one in this phase transforms from a baby to a curious toddler. Ready to go on all adventures!

Especially for the first steps, BABY-PROOF® Smart is a light and flexible shoe developed specifically for the first steps. BABY-PROOF® Smart has the same depth in design as a ladies or men's shoe, but is 100% tuned to baby feet. Baby feet consist mainly of cartilage and the bone structures are formed in the first year of life. As a result, the feet are still soft and pliable meaning their feet are incredibly delicate and growth can be influenced through a number of factors. BABY-PROOF® Smart protects baby feet against moisture and cold, without impeding freedom of movement or development, meaning the foot can mature as nature intended.

BABY-PROOF® Smart shoes are made on a specific last, meaning the shoe fits properly around the babies feet. There is a distinction between the left and right shoe. The baby shoes are 100% leather lined and have special outsoles that guarantee the correct flexibility and grip. These anti-slip outsoles have been safely tested by an independent institute in Portugal on the used dye for children from 0 to 3 years. This means that it is harmless if children put it in their mouths, perfectly safe.

The reinforced heel and the removable insole provide support and stability, so that your child has a good posture, both standing and walking. And with the addition of the soft foam padding at pressure points such as the tongue and heel, the shoes are also extra comfortable. Because of all these meticulously worked out features, your child does not have to be hindered by heavy shoes that compromise there movement, they can wear Shoesme BABY-PROOF® Smart instead.

 BABY-PROOF® Smart is a unique concept from Shoesme, available in size 18 to 22.

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Stepping or walking?

Has your little one managed to step on his own, but is there still a need for a helping hand? Shoesme developed the follow-up concept Extreme Flex® running shoes for this phase. Also for children who have larger feet when they take their first steps (size 23 or larger) this concept is also suitable as their first shoe.