BABY-PROOF® Soft Pre-Walkers

BABY-PROOF® Soft is the pre-walker concept from Shoesme. Specially designed for babies and toddlers who crawl and/or take their very first shaky steps indoors. BABY-PROOF® Soft protects the feet and keeps them warm, without restricting the freedom of movement or the development of the feet.

BABY-PROOF® Soft helps your baby to get used to wearing shoes. BABY-PROOF® Soft baby pre-walkers are not only comfortable and practical, but above all super fun and cool to see! They are packed in a beautiful gift box and are perfect gifts.

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Shoesme had different types of pre-walkers in the collection:

Shoesme BABY-PROOF® Soft soft soles

You know you want your baby to wear something fun and different than just socks, but “real” baby shoes are still too early since your child is not walking yet. These BABY-PROOF® Soft soft soles have the features of a slipper, but the looks of a first shoe. Perfect to protect the feet, keep them warm and at the same time complete the outfit of your little one!

These shoes are available in EU sizes 17 to 20. Size advice for this model shoes: size 17 = 3-6 months, size 18 = 6-9 months, size 19 = 9-12 months, size 20 = 12-15 months.

BABY-PROOF® Soft - Leather Slipper with sock

This BABY-PROOF® Soft model is a unique combination of a soft leather boot with a cotton sock. The sock is seamlessly knitted and feels wonderfully soft and comfortable. The boot has a cute star print and has a non-slip outsole.

One step away from real baby shoes

As soon as babies take their first steps outdoors, it is time for real first shoes with a flexible sole. Shoesme has designed various concepts for this, such as BABY-PROOF® Smart, Extreme Flex® - BabyFlex and Extreme Flex® first running shoes. All these concepts are suitable for the first steps and learning to walk, the difference is in the design. Shoesme has a shoe for every foot and every style: from a more classic model to more elaborate models. To the collection of first shoes.