Crêpe Original

A well-known concept of Shoesme is the Crêpe Boots. Since 1999 Crêpe Original has been a classic in the collection because of the premium quality, the high comfort level and the incredible designs.

Boots are used very intensely and often worn daily. Children explore and play all day long, which is why the quality of the boots is extremely important. Crêpe Original boots have been developed by Shoesme in-house, with a lot of attention to the fit, comfort and durability. The sole is made of 100% crêpe. This makes it very flexible and ensures natural cushioning and wearing comfort.

Children's feet whilst they grow are often slim and slender. Crêpe Original is tailored to this by making them a medium fit with a pinched nose. This means the boot fits perfectly on their feet, also meaning, the Crêpe Boot stays firmly on.

The boots are completely made of leather. The leather lining does not stop in the shaft, but continues to the toe of the boot. Due to the boots being completely made of leather the Crêpe Boots are able to breathe.

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Comfortable and supportive insole

The removable insoles help to check if the shoe fit properly, very easily. They also increase the comfort of the boot through meticulously thought out features. The insoles, for example, have an orthopaedic foot-bed made of cork and the heel cup provides extra grip. The insoles are finished with a top layer of leather.

Shoesme Crêpe Original is designed in the Netherlands and made by hand in Portugal. The crêpe bow of Crêpe Original runs from size 22 to size 35.

Baby Crêpe for children who learn to walk

Within the Crêpe concept, Shoesme brings Baby Crêpe. A concept for the little ones who are learning to walk. These shoes are very flexible due to how they manufactured. The soles are 100% crêpe and therefore ideal for the young feet that are new to walking. Baby crêpe is only available in size 19 to 24 in the autumn collection at Shoesme.