Extreme Flex® First Shoes

Shoesme makes children's shoes that fit every stage of a growing child. Extreme Flex® is the follow-up concept of BABY-PROOF® Smart first walking shoes and has been specially developed for children who have discovered walking, but could still use a little push in the right direction.

First running shoes with a flexible sole

Shoesme Extreme Flex® leather walking shoes have an extremely flexible sole, which helps the feet to grow naturally, allowing children to walk properly, how nature intended. This sole is the result of a study that Shoesme has performed to achieve the perfect outsole. The profile on the outsole is constructed so that the shoe is firm at the heel and yet still allowing it to bend where it should bend, at the ball of the foot. Try this yourself by grabbing a Shoesme shoe at the heel and then the nose and bending it to see where it flexes. You immediately see that this is very easy! Thanks to the materials used, including a lot of rubber, the sole developed by Shoesme is not only flexible, but also provides cushioning, stability and grip.

Extreme Flex® first running shoes are a unique concept from Shoesme, available in size 19 to 26.

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Standing but not yet walking?

Is your toddler not yet walking alone? Or do the feet not properly form whilst standing on a surface? Then it may be too early for Shoesme Extreme Flex® running shoes and it may be better to step back to BABY-PROOF® Smart shoes or Extreme Flex® BABYFLEX first shoes. If you are in doubt between these concepts, go to one of our retailers that stock Shoesme for professional advice.