Extreme Flex® BabyFlex

The correct support for the first steps is extremely important. These first baby shoes with a flexible outsole offer your little one the best protection and stimulus whilst still learning to walk.

Why choose the Extreme Flex concept?

All parts - from the flexible rubber sole to the orthopedic insole - have been developed with the utmost care by Shoesme.

The starting point for this shoe is a very flexible outsole, which bends in the right place, at the ball of the foot. Shoesme consciously opts for a more expensive outsole that is made from 100% rubber in order to guarantee the best performance possible; such as flexibility, cushioning and durability.

The sole has a refined nose and has much more rounded shape than other rubber noses. This allows a child to climb up easily from the crawling or sitting position. It also ensures that the shoe is protected against damage.

Extreme Flex concept properties

View the Extreme Flex® product presentation on the properties of the flexible rubber sole:

Shoesme Extreme Flex concept is available in sizes 19 to 23.
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