RunFlex® is the ‘runner’ concept at Shoesme, consisting of trendy, lightweight sneakers with super flexible soles. This concept is based on the successful Extreme Flex® concept and has a sportier appearance and is available in larger sizes, up to and including size 30.


Flexible soles with a 'Flex zone'

The white RunFlex® sole is also developed by Shoesme in-house and designed to provide cushioning and extra flexibility compared to what is available on the market. The profile on the sole is designed so that the shoe bends where it should bend, at the ball of the foot. This is indicated as the ‘Flex zone’. RunFlex® shoes are fully leather lined and feature a reinforced, foamed heel and a removable insole. These shoes not only look great, but also, just like all other Shoesme shoes, offer the correct environment for feet to grow.

RunFlex® is a unique concept from Shoesme, available in sizes 19 to 30.