SHM Sneakers

SHM * SNEAKERS are comfortable and look great but the cherry on top with this concept is the price! The SHM sneaker collection consists of low, middle and high lace models all with a handy zipper on the inside of the leg. This sneaker collection complements the extensive range of first step shoes, first running shoes, Urban sneakers, Crêpe boots and sandals.

For boys and girls, different designs, prints and models have been developed, just making you long for the summer to come back around. The collection consists of summer beach club prints and a cheerful and fresh floral patterns. A khaki print to a pastel pink are also included in this dynamic collection. The sneakers are finished with a silver or gold rubber nose, stars, badges and bright fluorescent colours. Models are equipped with rubber a nose, which makes these sneakers ideal for outdoor play, whilst also being durable.

SHM Sneakers boys SHM Sneakers girls

All sneakers are padded at the heel and the tongue and are also padded in the foot-bed so they are immediately comfortable on the feet. The beautifully coloured microfiber lining finishes the design of wonderfully. The quality and fit are perfect, exactly what you should be used to from Shoesme.

Matching backpacks

With all sneakers, matching backpacks for boys and girls are available.

Shoesme backpacks                                                                  

The SHM * SNEAKER collection is available in sizes 26 to 35.

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