Shoesme Urban

Shoesme Urban is the follow-up concept of Extreme Flex® and RunFlex and has been specially developed for children who have completely mastered walking. Shoes from the Urban collection are sturdy, provide proper support and are flexible at the same time. This is due to the tireless development that the outsole went through with the in-house specialist design team and the meticulous manufacturing that these sole go through. With Urban shoes the feet are well protected and they can develop naturally whilst your little one explore the world!

Made on a Shoesme Urban Last

Urban shoes are made on a special Urban Last. This ensures the correct & perfect fit that all Shoesme shoes ensure. All Urban shoes can be recognized by the unique Urban outsole. The words ‘Shoesme’ and ‘Urban’ are on the bottom of the outsole, providing a playful yet tough design.

Collection tailored to the audience

Urban is a concept that comes back every season in the collection, with models for both boys and girls. The Urban collection consists of high-top and classic shoes, velcro shoes, strap shoes and boots. The shoes are tailored to our audience in terms of materials, colours and details. For example, Urban lace-ups and sneakers often have zips, so that the laces only need to be tied once and children can put them on and take them off all by themselves!

Urban shoes are made entirely by hand from premium quality leather. The insoles in the shoes are removable, which is handy to check if the size is still good for your child.

Shoesme Urban is a unique concept from Shoesme, available in sizes 20 to 32.