Shoesme Wellington Boots

Shoesme Wellington Boots are not only great for puddle jumping, but they also look bright and colourful! The Shoesme collection of Wellington Boots consists of crazy boots in bright colours, available in sizes 20 to 30. The boots are comfortable, fun to see and suitable for all weather conditions thanks to the free fleece sock supplied.
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The rubber boots are timeless and are delivered in seven vibrant colours for boys and girls. The rubber boots are of a high quality, what else would you expect from Shoesme? All boots are made of natural rubber, the best material to withstand all weather conditions. They do not smell like PVC boots and they are very easy to keep clean. The durable textile lining is always the same colour as the rubber on the outside. This gives a premium look and feel. The boots are also very durable, sturdy and feature outsoles with a rough profile for good grip.
Rubber boots for all weather conditions
Rubber boots from Shoesme are suitable for every season and all weather conditions. You will receive a pair of fleece socks for free with the wellies (worth € 7.50!). This makes the Wellington Boots warm and comfortable even in the most wintery conditions. In the summer you can wear the boots without the fleece socks and even in those most typical English summers you can stay dry.
The boots are provided with a 'Shoesme Welly' stamp on the shaft of the boot and a Shoesme logo in the outsole and on the heel. Safety has also been thought of whilst developing shoes here at Shoesme. Therefore, the wellington boots have a reflective strip on the heel to help your child be seen when it matters the most!