The First Steps

The first steps are one of, but arguably the most memorable, milestones that your baby is going to have to conquer.

When will my child take their first steps?

This is only natural for you to have questions about when your child will start taking his or hers first steps. Especially when it comes to your first child. The first steps will come naturally, as soon as their feet can carry the full body weight and when a baby has the confidence and balance to attempt so. At what age do babies take the first steps? Most babies start with independent walking between 10 and 18 months. This is preceded by a process of discovery. Between the first steps and real independent walking there is usually a few months.

  • From about 9 months onwards, most babies start to move with a lot more curiosity.
  • Between 9 and 12 months they stand and carefully take small steps while they cling onto mum, dad or furniture. 
  • Most babies walk independently around the 14/15 months

Opstaan en de eerste stapjes

Do not try to force this natural process excessively. Every baby develops at their own pace, so it is not bad if your baby walks a few months earlier or later than others.

In that beginning period of the first steps it is good to have children indoors walking bare footed, or in anti-slip socks. This is to help maintain grip and that then allows the feet and the muscles to grow naturally and develop proper strength. In this phase, the right baby shoe can provide just that extra bit of balance and grip, so your little one is more stable and more confident to adventure outside.
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Shoes for those first steps outdoors

If they step outside, their precious little feet will have to be protected against a hard and cold surface. A sock or pre-walker is now no longer sufficient. Especially for this phase, Shoesme has developed light and flexible shoes with a flexible rubber sole, perfect for those first steps outdoors. These shoes provide support and grip and are at the same time soft and comfortable, so that the feet can develop safely and without hindrance. You will immediately see that your child has a better balance when wearing Shoesme first step shoes. This gives confidence and stimulates those unforgettable first steps.

The first shoes

Do you already choose the first real shoes or are pre walkers still sufficient? Determine which developmental stage your child is going through and then decide which type of shoe to get!