What you should know when buying the first shoes

Why are their first shoes so important?

"The first shoes are very important". You have probably heard this from others mothers, fathers and grandparents alike. But why are the first shoes so important? To understand this, it is important to know more about baby feet, how they develop and how the road to the first steps unravels.

Baby feet grow at lightning speed

During a babies first year on earth, it is estimated, that their feet grow up to half of there adult size. So in 12 months you can only imagine the amount of changes that occur in such little feet.

 The foot is a complex mechanism

Baby feet consist mainly of cartilage and are still in developing rapidly during the first two years of their life, you can imagine that it is important to choose shoes that have been specifically developed for baby feet. A too rigid shoe is detrimental to the development and growth of baby feet and can cause permanent damage. The feet are a complex mechanism and unfortunately this is often underestimated.

A good first baby shoe should include the following:

  • A flexible outsole that bends with the foot which support the arch of the foot correctly
  • A flexible anti-slip outsole, so your little one has grip on their adventures!
  • Must be lightweight
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Made of leather, this allows the feet to 'breathe' and prevent sweaty feet
  • It has a spacious entry so it is easy to put it on
  • It has a comfortable, removable insole
  • It fits properly to avoid losing the shoe, for example using lacing or a Velcro fastener

Shoesme BABY-PROOF® Smart - the shoe for the first steps

Shoesme has developed BABY-PROOF® Smart specifically for the first steps. These first step shoes offer support and protection to small feet, without impeding freedom of movement and development. You can immediately see that your child has more grip and balance when wearing BABY-PROOF® Smart shoes. This gives confidence and stimulates the first independent steps.