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Wellington Boots For Children

Shoesme’s Wellington Boots, are obviously suitable for both boys and girls, and they are simply amazing. They are perfect for puddle jumping, keeping feet warm and dry and are visible in the dark! Shoesme’s welly collection consists of crazy, bright and 100% rubber wellington boots. These wellies are suitable for all seasons and all weather conditions. From those typically wet summers to freezing cold winters these wellington boots are perfect for both occasions. You will receive a free pair of Shoesme fleece socks for free when you purchase a pair of Shoesme wellies. So for those freezing winters the boot sock will keep those little feet warm and dry whilst wearing the wellies. In the summer you can simply remove the fleece sock and then they are perfect for the summer weather.

The rubber boots remain flexible, timeless and are supplied in nine different core colours. The rubber boots are, as everyone should expect from Shoesme, premium quality. All boots are made of natural rubber. Importantly, something that isn’t normally considered, our wellies do not smell of like PVC boots and they are very easy to clean. The textile lining is coloured the same as the colour of the exterior. The wellies are hardwearing, sturdy and feature outsoles with a rough profiling to provide proper grip.
The wellington boots have brilliant ‘Shoesme Rainboot’ stamp on the shaft of the wellie. The safety and well-being of your child has also been thought of in design. There is a reflective strip on the heel of the boot, to make your child safer in the dark.

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