The Best Shoes for Kids from 2 to 10 Years Old

Did your little one master walking? Then your first choice of shoe should be sturdy with a flexible sole that provides good support to your little Adventurer's feet. All Shoesme Children's shoes have flexible rubber soles, are made of leather, have great heel support and are equipped with a removable insole. Due to the stage of the foot development it means it is less important which Shoesme shoe you choose. 

The difference between the Shoesme children's shoes is in the design. So whether you choose the sporty RunFlex trainer or the sturdy sandal; with the quality of Shoesme children's shoes, your children's feet are always in good hands. Information on our shoes can be found on our website, with detailed descriptions of our specfic styles and designs. Including information about the fitting and specific size required for your child. 

Make your choice below:

Walking, Running and Playing

Boys who have mastered walking are exploring, playing and learning at full pace in the world around them. Sturdy shoes that provide the right support and protect the feet in all their adventures are essential. Shoesme Boys shoes are available in sizes 20 through 35.

Walking, Dancing and Playing

All Shoesme girls shoes are handmade from leather and fitted with flexible rubber soles. Now you just have to make a choice from the gigantic collection of Shoesme girls' shoes in beautiful colours and with beautiful details. Shoesme Girls shoes are available in size 20 through 35.