Sensitive Materials and Colors

Shoesme uses premium quality leather and unique materials. These materials give the shoes the unique, trendy Shoesme look, but also make them extra vulnerable. Metallic, light suède, nylon mesh or hand-dyed striping’s look really cool, but once children crawl or play on the ground and the shoes are already at risk of damage.

Nylon, Canvas and Pony hair

Most Shoesme shoes are made of leather and all shoes have a leather lining. Some shoes are finished with trendy materials like canvas or nylon. Despite the fact that we select the best quality of canvas and nylons, the quality and durability of these materials differ from leather. Nylon and canvas will be damaged in case of crawling and scrubbing over rough surfaces like stones. In contrast to leather, in case of damage, canas or nylon can't be recovered with shoe care products. Shoes with pony hair aren't made of real pony hair. For these type of shoes we use the leather with cow hair still on it, dyed in different patterns or colors. The hairs on the leather are vulnerable and will be damaged in case of srubbin over rough surfaces.

Metallic finishes

Metallic is a shiny coating with glitter efect that is applied to the leather. The most well known metallics are silver, gold and bronze, but Shoesme also uses fashion metallics like pink or blue. Leathers with metallic coatings are extra vulnerable and should be handeld with extra care.

Fashionable details

Flowers, sequins, studs or beads are studs are produced and fastened with the most attention and care. Notwithstanding it is possible that those accessories can come off while wearing and using the shoes.