Shoesme Shoe Care Guide

Children wear and use their shoes very intensely and for all kinds of activities. That's why Shoesme children's shoes are handmade from the finest materials. However, this does not mean that they can withstand all playing, running, crawling and scrambling. The noses of children's shoes are not only an area of high damage but also very vulnerable. Premium quality leather, that we use, at these places does not ultimately prevent the shoe from wearing out.

We therefore advise you to choose a concept that suits your children. Does your child take their shoes off by kicking them off? Or does your child play outside and the shoes are regularly used as a bicycle brake or as football boots? Shoes in general are not designed to withstand that sort of punishment. The warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by irresponsible use.

In addition, it is important to maintain your Shoesme shoes properly. Good maintenance can ensure that you enjoy your shoes for longer. Most Shoesme shoes are made of leather and have a leather lining. Leather is a natural product that allows the feet to breathe and is comfortable and, arguably most importantly, strong. Leather lasts a long time, but also requires good care to preserve these qualities. Here are some tips on how to maximize the life span from a pair of Shoesme shoes:

1. Shoe Care Products

It is important that you choose a care product that is suitable and matches the material and the colour of the shoes. So they protect, care and help with cleaning the shoes. We advise to always impregnate the shoes before they are worn. By coating the shoes with a hydrophobic spray, you make them water and dirt repellent. So they are protected against influences such as rain, snow and puddles. It is best to repeat this regularly.

2. Airing & drying

• Loosen the laces, zipper or the velcro as far as possible when you let your shoes air
• All Shoesme shoes have a removable insole. Remove the insole from the shoes regularly, especially after intense use, so that it can air and dry.
• Never allow wet shoes to dry by a heater, this is to prevent the leather from drying too quickly and cracking.

3. Consider sensitive materials

Shoesme uses premium quality leather and unique materials. These materials give the shoes the unique, trendy Shoesme look, but also make them extra vulnerable. Metallic, light suede, nylon mesh or hand-dyed striping’s look really cool, but once children crawl or play on the ground and the shoes are already at risk of damage.

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