Size Advice

The goal of Shoesme is to ensure that baby and children feet grow like nature intended. A perfect fitting shoe will contribute to this by offering the right support and protection.

The Right Shoe Size for your Child

Children's feet can only develop properly in shoes that fit. The right shoe size is therefore extremely important. It is also important that a shoe provides good cushioning. The soles of Shoesme shoes are made of rubber which ensures the necessary cushioning.

Shoesme follows the European sizing system. Use our Conversion Chart to find out how these correspond to UK sizing.

Shoesme Sizing System

Measure regularly

It is very important to regularly have their feet measured to determine the correct size. Children's feet can grow very quickly in a short period of time and your child will not always indicate that their shoes are too small. Therefore, a monthly check of the shoe size is recommended to notice a potential growth spurt. You can use the Shoesme measuring system for this exact issue.

Check the specific size advice for the shoe

Shoesme shoes are designed for children's feet. Children's feet are constantly  growing and are often slender and delicate. Shoesme shoes are tailored to this by the narrow to medium fit and pinched nose. The Shoesme children's shoe collection includes various models made on different soles. Because of this, the fit also differs per model. For example, an Urban sneaker is wider than a RunFlex sneaker and a Silhouette boot has a narrower fit than a crepe boot. When describing our shoes you will find more information about the type of shoe, the fit and the specific size advice for this model.

Do you need help with measuring or would you like advice tailored to your needs? Please contact our customer service, we are happy to advise you!

The perfect shoe for every stage

Which shoe is best for my child? A baby shoe for a little one that is just starting to stand up has different requirements than a shoe for a school child that runs and plays all day long. We are more than happy to help you with choosing the right shoe that suits the development stage of your child.