When is it time for the first baby shoes?

First of all, it is important to determine in which phase your little one is. If a child does not yet walk, it is not necessary to have the baby shoes worn as it could restrict the foots natural growth and development.

As soon as the first steps take place indoors, for example holding onto an encouraging hand or along furniture, it is good to have babies do it barefooted, so that the feet and muscles can grow in a natural way and develop proper strength. To keep the feet warm, you can put on a sock or a pre-walker. Make sure there is an anti-slip sole underneath so that they do have some grip.

Why are the first shoes so important?

Waar moet je op letten bij het uitzoeken van een goede eerste babyschoen en waarom?
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Has your little one already taken their first steps?

Then we can only imagine how very proud you must be! This milestone means you now need pay attention because your little one is now walking everywhere. This is also the time to protect the feet properly, especially when going outdoors. Also, all those cute shoes that you have seen or that you may have already even bought and stored in the wardrobe, can now be used! The most important factor here is that the feet of your little one need to be protected and that they can, at the same time, provide plenty of room for healthy development. Too tight socks, hard, stiff soles and materials that do not breathe and bend stand in the way of healthy feet development.